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Rebound Boards for Tennis & Padel


70% of all points are won or lost in the server’s first and next shot. There’s been no effective way to practise the ‘serve + 1’ on your own… until now!


TargetBound was created by a top-level tennis coach to:

Improve serve + 1 training: Combine the serve & next shot into one unit.

Energise coaching sessions. Dynamic serve drills.

Enable SOLO practise that’s fun, measurable & rewarding!

Practise that key transition between serve and next shot

Deliver realistic match practise

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Don’t hit serves in isolation. Practise the serve and the next shot as one unit. Combine these together as a one-two punch, to begin the point.

Craig O’Shannessy
Strategy Analyst for ATP World Tour


Enjoy more – Play more – Improve more

Our Customers

A rebound target to motivate everyone.

  • Official LTA Rebound Target
  • Energise and engage players on serve practise
  • Develop serve + 1 routines
  • New and exciting drills
  • Use multiple rebound board targets to practise 3rd, 5th and 7th shot routines
  • Now you can practise serve and transition on your own
  • Design your own practises tailored to your own strengths
  • Train for that essential 3rd shot
  • Become more accurate and consistent
  • Supercharge your service game
  • Club members can now practise solo
  • Practise is meaningful & match relevant
  • Discover! video library of inspirational drills
  • Leave outside for easy access
  • Flat store against fence (use a Carabiner or padlock)
  • Option to add your club or sponsor’s graphic
  • No more practising serve into an empty box!
  • Encourage more solo practise… it’s rewarding and fun
  • Rebound boards developed by a top tennis coach
  • Target the return ball to forehand or backhand as needed

Rebound board for tennis and padel. Multiple rebounders link to create a rebound wall. Tennis coaching product.

Link System
Use as a rebound wall or individual rebound targets.
Rebound Power
As developed alongside Sheffield Hallam University.
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Watch fresh ideas & inspiration on court.
Adjustable Angle
Allows for multiple types of return ball. Easy to carry. Portable & versatile. Store court-side for easy access.
Soft Grip
Safe for all courts. Designed for indoors & out.
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I have been coaching tennis since 1993 and now work for the LTA as National Pathway Coach. After coaching in the USA as Director of Core Tennis, I have been Head Coach at Basingstoke and 11 & under Performance Manager at the West Hants High Performance Centre. I am passionate about seeing children and adults improve and develop their performance.

Having seen first-hand the difficulty I and my colleagues have in engaging quality serving practice I decided to do something about it.

I worked on ideas for serve + 1 practise using some early prototypes. Neil and David then joined to form TargetBound where together we were able to take the product development to another level.

With the help of Sheffield Hallam University Centre for Sports Engineering Research, our team spent over two years on research and development and found a solution that really works.

We are so excited to make this product available to all coaches and players having seen the energy and excitement it brings to serve practice.

Shane Deacon, Founder

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The growing importance of practising Serve Plus One

A Research Paper

Research and analysis from major tennis tournaments over the last few years including the Australian Open and Wimbledon, reveal that the first 4 shots of a rally are increasingly important in today’s game. Players that win more points in their first two shots (known as serve plus one) are far more likely to win matches than players that dominate longer rallies. This white paper summarises some of this research. Download the free white paper today.

White Paper: Coaching and practicing ‘Serve Plus One’ in today’s game