Tennis Rebound Targets

Tennis rebound targets – the new coaching aid for the serve plus one
The serve and the next shot, known as serve plus one, are becoming the most important in the game according to research compiled over recent years. The tennis federations are putting more focus on this area, as a tennis coaches.

Rebound targets from TargetBound have been specifically developed to allow tennis players to practise these important shots on your own or as part of your tennis coaching.

Targets that rebound tennis balls allow the server to aim at a certain part of the serving box and then prepare for the rebound. The bounce is quite random within tested limits. After serving this unexpected rebound makes the player prepare quickly for the next shot. The serve plus one technique is a mindset and a physical preparation. TargetBound rebound targets help develop these skills.

The key is to combine the serve & the first shot into one unit known as the serve plus one punch. Research shows this wins more service games.

Tennis coaching aid for serving
Tennis coaches have developed coaching sessions around these rebound targets in a variety of ways. They have found the coaching aids make coaching session more dynamic and fun. When a tennis serve hits the targets and rebounds it creates a sense of success and enjoyment.

How are the tennis rebound targets used to improve your serve?
The player places the target on the tennis court service box wherever they intend to target. The target angle is then set to rebound the ball in a loopy way or more direct. This can be tuned based on how hard the player hits the serve. Instead of the tennis ball bouncing into the serving area and out the back of the court, a successful hit of the rebound target will bounce the ball back to the tennis player to hit the next shot.

So rather than a player serving and relaxing, they serve at the rebound target and prepare for the next shot. This is a significantly different mindset and physical motion and develops the serve plus one mindset.

Some tennis coaches have created home-made tennis rebound targets by tilting tables or supporting wooden boards on a tennis court. These makeshift targets will rebound a ball, but the bounce will rarely be ideal. It does however show the desire for such items. The TargetBound tennis trainer has been developed specifically for developing the serve.

Server serving at Tennis Rebound Targets to develop Serve Plus One
Tennis Rebound Targets to develop Serve Plus One